Marijuana Test FAQ’s

How does the test detect marijuana usage?

When the marijuana drug test is properly used with the urine sample, the urine specimen migrates up the card by capillary action. If THC is not present at a great enough level in the urine sample, it will not be able to prevent its antibody on the marijuana drug test card from reacting with the drug-protein conjugate on the test card. When this reaction occurs a colored line appears in the Test Region and the result is Negative. When marijuana is detectable in the urine it prevents the antibody from reacting with the drug-protein conjugate. Therefore no colored line appears and the result of the marijuana drug test is Positive.

If a person smokes marijuana and then is tested an hour later, would it have time to show up in the urine?

Most likely not; Generally it takes about 2-5 hours for a drug to show up after consumption.

How accurate is drug testing in urine?

Laboratory test results for drugs of abuse have indicated a greater than >98% accuracy when used according to the provided directions.

Is it possible to test positive for THC (Marijuana / Cannabis) from exposure to second hand smoke?

NO! Urine concentrations of THC above the cut-off sensitivity level of the test, or a positive result, is possible only through use / inhalation. However, second hand smoke will be in the system, but not at the concentrations that would indicate drug abuse.

Can commonly used chemicals and substances such as vitamins, penicillin, aspirin, caffeine and acetaminophen (Tylenol), affect the results?

No - the results are not affected by these substances. Urine drug tests are substance and derivative metabolite specific. The commonly taken medications are chemically and structurally different after being metabolized by the body from the drugs being tested for and therefore, under most circumstances, they do not interfere with test results.

Can I put less than three drops of urine in the test?

No, the test will not function properly.

Can the test be altered or tampered with in order to affect the results?

 This is possible if the test specimen is switched. Also, there are fluid intake adulterants that can neutralize the drug or its metabolite so it shows as absent on the test.

What is the best time of day to take the test?

 The morning is the best time to take the test. The more water and/or fluids that are drunk throughout the day can dilute the urine.